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Our right to a fair lawsuit at the European Court for Human Rights is being endangered.


The German government used false statements to defend itself at this court against the appeal submitted by my wife and I. Amongst other things, the German government changed our appeal according to their agenda and leaked this version of the appeal to the ECHR, where some compliant judges took this version on board for their decision. In addition to this the ECHR judges falsified the facts of the case (on which our appeal was based), to our detriment. Based on all this the Court ruled against us.


The German government and the Court are now making every effort to prevent this matter from becoming public. Instead of clarifying the issue they have been trying to sit it out for years now. The German judge Georg Ress, who was involved in the decisision even threatened to press criminal charges against me. Also, the members of the Bundestag, who usually clamour for human rights, are watching inactively. In order to muzzle me the politicians do not even shy away from insulting and defaming me.


I am asking myself: Is the misfeasance which has been uncovered through our appeals procedure just the tip of the iceberg? How often have decisions of the Court for Human Rights been manipulated in a similar manner and fashion? Were other countries, apart from Germany, unlawfully favoured by the court? Is the ECHR only pretending to have control over the abidance by human rights?


I hope that my website captures your attention.


Please remember, this is not about the judicial failure of my wife and I, this is about human rights. Therefore my request to you would be to help publicise the manipulations, so that in the future, all citizens appealing at the Court for Human Rights will receive their right, as stated in the Convention on Human Rights.


Harro Wittek






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